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Loans And Credit Facilities

Loans And Credit Facilities

At Stars Finance Services

We are working with both financial institutions and corporate borrowers in every aspect of loan transactions.

These transactions include:

  • Single bank loans and credit facilities (ranging from short-term unsecured facilities to global banking facilities involving multi-jurisdictional collateral)
  • Bilateral loans
  • Syndicated loans


The transactions are typically comprised of term loans, revolving loans, letter of credit facilities, and/or bid loan facilities.

We also working with financial institutions in their capacities as senior lenders or other , sellers or purchasers of participations, or assignees of direct loan interests.

We have related and substantial experience structuring cross-border facilities, both secured and unsecured, on behalf of financial institutions and corporate borrowers, as well as advising on trade-financing transactions.

The Finance Specialists within the Group advise on and document lending transactions, counter-trade and barter transactions, and facilities for documentary letters of credit, collections, and banker

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