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Project funding and Joint Venture

Project funding and Joint Venture

Stars Finance Services and associated parties (institutional and regulated entities), delightedly introduce services for entrepreneurs and investors interested in reciprocating Project Funding via PPP as well as participation in Joint Venture (JV) with our foundation, our clients and partners together.

Our service is tailor-made for any client and will be offered on request and only after our careful evaluation of client situation.

The below classification as example of services we can provide to your business demands in respect to your expectations:

1. Project Funding Loan, for of our potential customers’ venture if they are providing 20% of capital from project value, we can offer sources for funding of their venture with borrowed funds from our bank’s partners and private loans. We able to find a solution for your business and fund your project up to 80% of capital needed for their project. We are able to offer funding via debenture loans, private loans, banking instruments or project funding via PPP trading with high return on investments, with profit participation in their project.

2. Project Funding via PPP trading with high return on investments, with a profit participation in your project. The requirements for engaging in project funding via PPP is a liquid capital 20% of face value of your project. The capital will be used to obtain a credit facility through our bank partners and platform. Finally, funds will be increase in trading up to x10-15 times more than initial investments and will be arranged for trading with high net return on initial investments. The profit will be deposited weekly in stakeholders’ account. This revenue would be the investing capital for the projects.

3. Project Funding via Joint Venture (JV), we occasionally receive business requests for funding projects. Our procedure is to send our proposals with new projects to our customers and partners that will potentially participate in projects via Joint Venture with our firm. We only offer projects where our company participates by providing capital with no less than 50% of each project value. If you wish to seek our foundation program, our customers, or associates to be partner in your genius project in Joint Venture, please fill the form below and send to us the required documents.

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